Fiberglass Products

Floyd’s Fiberglass Products, INC. produces prototype parts. The Prototype part will consist of making a temporary mold in order to make a fiberglass part. This fiberglass part will be used to determine the correct size and shape of the part desired by the client. Prototype parts can be modified after initial fitting to achieve a final production part.

Floyd’s Fiberglass Products, INC., also repair fiberglass work of all kind. For further information see contact information below.

Production molds are not included. This is a separate process with separate charges.



  • Georgia Peaches
    Georgia Peaches
    These Peaches are a finished product from a fiberglass prototype mold that was engineered by Floyd's Fiberglass Products, Inc.
  • Muffler Man
    Muffler Man
    This is a Muffler Man that has to be repaired. The pictures that you will see are from the beginning stage of repair work, to the end product.




If you are interested in Floyd’s Fiberglass Products, INC., developing a fiberglass product for you, please see below contact information.

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