Keeping The Family Tradition

The tradition of excellence that is Lancer Boats began with the Carter family in 1984. For over 20 years, these fine fiberglass boats were handcrafted in Adel, Georgia. In 2005 Floyd’s Fiberglass Products purchased Lancer Boats with the intention of carrying on the family tradition of quality and craftsmanship that have become the hallmark of the Lancer brand.

The founder of Floyd’s Fiberglass Products is Hoyle Floyd, who himself has a long history of excellence in boat making. Floyd’s career in designing and manufacturing superior boats began at Caravelle Powerboats, Inc. in Americus, Georgia. As engineering manager at Caravelle, Floyd researched and developed new methods of boat hull designs, improved existing hull running surfaces, remodeled and changed decks and interiors and created prototypes and molds for new parts.

Hoyle then improved and updated the deck of Kevlacat Power Catamaran’s 24’ catamaran deck. He also changed and upgraded the Fortson, Georgia-based manufacturer’s production process.

Hoyle went out on his own in 1999 as the owner of Americus Tooling Co. As a subcontractor, he worked on prototype projects for Caravelle and freelanced the manufacture of fiberglass components for all sorts of large and small projects. With Americus Tooling Co., Hoyle specialized in concept designs, prototype building and mold construction, as well as fiberglass boat repair from minor to major, complete disassembly of large and small projects and painting and clear coating.

With his years of experience and expert knowledge in the boat industry, Hoyle decided in 2005 to found his own fiberglass company and take over the legacy of Lancer Boats, which were no longer being produced.